Boost your counsellors & office work efficiency – A complete CRM solutions for your day to day operations.

We are on a mission to help counsellors maximize the day to day student recruitment process. Let’s help your counsellors engage more interactively with students in a smarter and faster environment.

Use our Study CRM and take your business on a journey of self-worth.

Lets evaluate why agencies struggle

  • Manual recordkeeping on Excel or paper files:
    1. Time consuming
    2. Increased management Expenses
    3. No Analytics to make business decision
  • Loss of Business / Loss of prospects resulting from:
    1. Lack or Missed follow up Communications
    2. Slow Application Processing
    3. Delayed Offer Letter
    4. Mistakes by members of Staff
  • Difficulty in generating and sharing reports
  • Unable to secure choice study destination because you may not have a contract with the institution.

A customise CRM software that your business needs to engage and convert leads

A CRM that will be there for you through every step of the customer journey.

CRM Analytics

Study Abroad CRM gives you many analytical reports on all the module. SRM Dashboard.

Lead Management

Enquiry Management is a essential process of automate the most disorganized.

Application Management

Application management is a process of identifying, communicating, sending student application.

Document Management

Document Management is always a essential part of your office, specially where there are lot of documents.

Strong Follow-up

One who is aware about the business at any time will succeed. If you know what if going on and what is not going.

Student Login

Student/Opportunity Management is not a onetime work, but a process of identifying, communicating and analyzing students

Invoicing & Payments

One of the most complicated part is manually creating the invoices for institutes and remember.

Emails & SMS

To save counselor time and manual writing mistakes we have added feature of sending emails from Student CRM.

Institute Agreement Management

Before doing business with the institute, one need to have an agreement signed with the institute for a particular period.

Visa Application Management

Manage and Keep track of your students Visa Applications status

Salient Features

Track your Students

Have a 360 degree view of the complete student activities and achieve

No one time big payment required

You don’t need to pay hefty amounts to use our product. We have provided..

Automate your processes and be more productive

Now you can automate your daily routine processes and…

Ready in Minutes

Agent CRM enjoys the benefits of web based technology. This ensures that you remain tension free while migrating…

Students always in touch

Our web based student application management software allows the users. Staff members can take…

No Installation – No Maintenance!

With on Demand cloud based CRM for overseas education consultancy,

Ease your work, not create work

With Agent Consultancy CRM you can automate processes and standardize your work flow.

Improved Student Satisfaction

Customer needs quick and correct response. With this Agency CRM you can

Keep your Application Status always up to date

If you want your students should be facilitated with up to date information

Smart Approach to simplify your Workflow

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Email Template

Why spend valuable time in drafting emails to various institutions and leads.

Reminder System

Follow ups can be a pain. Losing a prospect can be even more painful and costly.

Task Management

Put your recurring tasks on autopilot and let this CRM’s Automations feature do the

Automatic Follow-up

To alleviate to-do list and paper calendars, SAMS provides automatic reminder option

Cloud base Storage

With our cloud-based storage and technologies, subscribers can manage their documents online

Graphical Easy Report

Being able to mine your data and use it to provide business acumens is one of the most

Manage Appointments

We at SAMS understand the benefits of an integrated appointment management solution

Automatic Notification

Our system helps to reach your students automatically on Scheduled times.

Our Clients

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